big bags
PP/PE woven bags
PE bags
PPcovers/box bags
mesh bags
PP/cotton bags
cotton bags
PP shopping bags
cotton shopping bags
canvas bags

We have very wide product range to serve the customer for various packaging bags from the bulk goods to be stockage, transport and sale. Our packaging bags can carry goods from 5kgs up to 2000kgs with lots of types available in different specifications according to their final use.

To be same important component part of our products, we also provide the daily bags with various models for shopping and tour, etc.

The mainly material made to our bags are plastic (polypropylene, polythene) and cotton. It is easy to make us to have the very wide produce range. We may combine the different pp woven fabric and different cotton cloth to manufacture two groups of packaging bags, one for industry and another for daily use.

For example, we are able to produce pp fabric of almost all specifications and types. Then we produce packaging bags as per customer?requirement for bulk goods, furthermore, we also process the pp fabric to plastic shopping bags used in supermarkets with some suitable accessories as customer?requirement.

As thus, we nearly can produce the various bags to satisfy different customer?requirement

Product range of our bags:
A. Packaging Bags for Industry: big bags l PP/PE woven bags l PE bags l mesh bags
pp covers/box bags l pp/cotton bags l cotton bags
B. Packaging Bags For Daily Use: pp shopping bags l cotton shopping bags lcanvas bags
C. Customed Bags