Your satisfaction is our only goal
Accumulated experience, professional staff and high efficiency are the foundation and guarantee of our full catering service.
Our Sales Department will promptly reply to any of your inquiries.
We promise to reply within 24 hours even to the most complicated problem.
Our Production Department will efficiently solve any possible technical problem in production and supply bags to your satisfaction in good time.
Our Operation Department will give detailed advice of shipped goods within 72 hours and will promptly settle suitable solutions to related transport questions.
Our company is in Shijiazhuang City of Hebei Province in China. Hebei is a province near the mid-west of the north of China and Shijiazhuang is its capital city. We are about 400 kilometers away from Beijing (the capital city of P.R.C.), 1200 kilometers from Shanghai (the biggest city in China), and 400 kilometers from Tianjin (a port city in the north of China).
Most of our factories are close to this city.
  Contact Details:
Sales Department
+86-311-8788 7780/7781
Production Department
+86-311-8788 7782
Operation Department
+86-311-8788 7783
Company Fax
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